Broadway Market Mews, Hackney

Value: £350,000

Client: Patterson Homes

Status: Complete 2016

A commercial development in a quiet mews off the bustling Broadway Market, this double apartment scheme is somewhat an ‘iceberg’, it’s small and modest exterior belying the interesting and spacious interior.

The mews lies within the Broadway Market Conservation Area and as such the parameters for design were limited to the traditional aesthetics of the mews; two storeys in traditional brickwork with a centralized goods entrance door at first floor level.

By sinking the entrance level floor by half a storey this enabled the lower-level studio flat to have a spacious mezzanine level and dramatic double-height windows along the front elevation. The site is enclosed on all three sides bar the front street elevation, thus a triple-height lightwell dramatically cuts through the rear of the building to bring light to all floor levels.

The smart use of levels and positioning of windows allowed us to maximise the potential of the small 10 x 4.8m site within a Conservation area, just 7m from the rear of the terrace houses to the rear. The double height, fully-glazed internal light well, exposed steelwork and spacious roof terrace means that the tiny site packs a punch, with two high quality desirable new homes maximising the 48m2 footprint.

The interior spaces are commercially appealing, delivering good quality spaces, but delight in their quirky and unorthodox elements such as the industrial steel staircase, the triple height exposed brick lightwell looking up to the sky beyond, and the walk-on glass floor to the mezzanine. The interiors are finished in London stock brickwork, exposed steelwork and industrial galvanized trunking with fittings to match, a combination of the site’s once-rough east London heritage and the client’s personal taste. The attention to detail and our close working relationship with the client and contractor made this unassuming little project on paper into something of a small gem.

Photography by Jim Stephenson