Hornsey Road, Archway

Value: £2,200,000

Client: NJP Developments

Status: Planning

Use: Mixed Use (7 No. Residential + Commercial)

JAA were approached by our client after purchasing this site, an existing two storey commercial unit, which had previously failed to gain planning on several attempts. The site is located on a prominent corner within a residential area near Archway, however, the building’s existing commercial use was an element that the Council were keen to retain even in an area of great housing need.

One of the main reasons for repeated planning refusals by the council was the lack of activity of the building facades and concerns over the quality of the architecture and it’s detailing. A key driver in the design was therefore to articulate the facade in a strong and structured manner.

The ‘grid’ to the façade was built from primary vertical elements intersected with secondary horizontal elements to form a substantive and strong building form on this prominent corner. The base of the facade was strengthened at ground floor level by the use of rusticated brickwork and infilled with full height glazing, denoting the separation between commercial use and residential above. The ‘grid’ to the upper floors were rigorously in-filled with a carefully selected palette of materials – solid pressed metal panel, openable glazing with metal side-panels, and fully glazed units to amenity terraces – this small variety of elements within the grid giving an elegant rhythm to the façade.

The penthouse level is set-back to ensure any visual impact at street level in the immediate vicinity of the development is eliminated as requested at pre-application stage. The top storey walls are detailed as green living walls, minimising the visual impact of the storey from nieghbouring properties. The green walls in conjunction with the planted parapet wall will give the illusion of a planted rooftop garden in the heart of the city.

All seven residential units and the open-plan work unit across both floors have been designed to be fully wheelchair accessible from street level and throughout thus creating a new fully accessible development in the heart of Islington.

Visuals by BForm